Tech fabrics with high strength/weight ratio for aerospace applications

The lightness is a key factor for the choice of material to be used in aerospace. Flexon Composites is developing (in partnership with the main producers) composite flexible materials characterized by high strength and moderate weight for compartmentalization, fastening and goods containment inside cargo hold. Each kilo of saved weight translates into the prospect of boarding further goods or saving fuel during the flight.

High load membranes for tension structures

The mechanical features of composite fabrics combined to lightness and superficial finishings resistant to atmospheric agent and UV radiation, make these materials the new frontier in creating outdoor tension structures.

Three-dimensional wing membrane

They currently represent the most explored field of use of this technology that, through complex production procedures, is able to confer to the composite fabric a three-dimensional shape and a continuous structural frame to decrease to the minimum the deformations under loading even in time

Hi performance sports accessories

Weight and strength represent the key factors in tech clothing production and, thanks to the multiple possibilities that composite technology offers, it is possible to realize ad hoc solutions to satisfy specific needs.

Non-toxic fabrics and membranes for use in food sector

The use of superficial layers based on non-toxic polyethylene molecule allows the realization of flexible washable composite fabrics, chemically inert and hygienically compatible with the use in food sector.

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