History and Mission

Flexon Composites S.r.l. was established in 2013 in order to complete a set of studies, intuitions and patents developed in years of research by the engineer PierCarlo Molta, one of the world’s leading expert and connoisseur of methods and techniques for the application of composite technologies in flexible materials. Engineer Molta works in collaboration with Mauro Giusti, production manager for many years in a company that realizes mylar laminated films with structural frame in carbon fiber, and with the eclectic technician and inventor Enrico Grassi, able to combine creativity, practical sense and craftsmanship in order to design and realize prototypes and machineries to make possible the various stages of the production process.

The company has its production site in Vaiano (PO) – Via F.lli Buricchi n.19.

The project started from the innovative idea of using new generation of high performance structural materials based on ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) molecule in order to replace traditional structural yarns (such as carbon and aramid) and overcome the intrinsic limits like weakness, vulnerability and deterioration caused by environmental factors (UV radiation, humidity, etc).

The goal becomes even more interesting when one realizes that the final fabric, as well as the entire production process, meet the requirements of complete recyclability, reduced emissions and the absolute lack of chemical agents and solvents, widely used in the production of traditional laminated materials.

The partnership with the companies of Tessiltoschi group allows the study and the development of new prototypes in an advanced technical context, to guarantee the maximum privacy on the application of the technologies and a huge productive equipment able to satisfy the increasing market demands.

Patents & Certifications